Estate Planning Lawyer NYC

Estate Planning Lawyer NYC

Estate Planning Lawyer NYC

If you’ve never had any contact with an estate planning lawyer in New York before, you’re likely to have no knowledge whatsoever about what they really do. So long you live and own assets in New York, regardless of your age, financial situation, or health status, you need an estate planning lawyer NYC to help you prepare an estate plan so that your desires and wish concerning your estate will be carried out when you finally leave this world.

As an elderly born between, you probably would have concerns as to what would happen to your estate at the event of your death. Surely everyone would someday pass away, so it is important you plan how your estate would be distributed when this happens. You may have family and loved ones who you want to inherit your estate when you pass away, therefore having an estate plan is just what you need to ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you want them. This is what an estate planning lawyer NYC will help you do. He’ll help you draft your will and plan your estate according to the laws of New York and ensure your wishes are effected and family protected.

One advantage of having an estate plan is you can easily change it at any time provided you’re still alive. You’re not locked into any previously made decision, as events might come up which demands you making some changes to your estate plan.

Note that when an estate plan is absent, your estate is declared “intestate” when you’re no more, and the state has total control of your estate, and your loved ones may not inherit the right proportion as you’d have wanted. To avoid this, do consult an estate planning lawyer New York today. We are here to help you protect your estate. Contact us now.

Documents the estate planning lawyer NYC will help you with


The will is one of the most popularly known documents ever, and it spells out exactly how you want your assets to be distributed at the event of your death. You probably want your young children, spouse, relative or a loved one who is not even related to you to partake in the inheritance, and you should state what proportion goes to who in your will. Also, you must name an executor who will be in charge of managing your estate when you’re gone.

All this would be inconsequential if your will is not written in accordance with New York laws. Therefore, you need the esteemed guidance of the estate planning lawyer NYC in writing your will.


This is a document which transfers your assets into the hands of a trustee. You may want all your assets to go into the possession of say, a loving grandchild or friend who has helped you immensely all through life. Having a trustee also eliminates having to go through a probate process. As there are several types of trusts, the estate planning lawyer NYC will help you select which best suits your wish.

Power of Attorney

This document spells out who takes responsibility of your upkeep and entire affairs when you become incapacitated.

Health care documents

These documents entitle you to Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and also spells out who would make medical decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated.

Our law firm in New York will help you draft all these documents and more, to help guarantee your upkeep and ensure your best interests are well protected. Hurry now and contact an estate planning lawyer NYC today.